Catching a Cheater

It has been estimated that about

    60% of married spouses are likely to engage in infidelity at one point in life.
    70% percent of married men admit to be cheating on their wives, while approximately 50% of married women profess to be having an affair outside marriage.

In fact, most of the spouses being cheated on are not aware of the infidelity in their marriage. On the contrary, a vast majority of them have at one point suspected that their partner might be cheating, but decided to bury their heads in the sand. So, how do you catch a cheating partner and avoid being a victim?

First, you have to understand that catching a cheating spouse is not an easy task, and in most cases, those that cheat are normally favored by the rules of the game. Thus, many of the cheating cases will go unproven and undetected despite of the obvious tell tale signs that clearly pointed to a cheating spouse.

Similarly, confronting a cheating partner with no proof will only earn you the title of being insecure or the jealousy type. On the converse, talking to a cheating spouse to admit about cheating will only amount to a wasted attempt as none of them will ever admit of cheating.

So, if you suspect that your partner is cheating, then here are the simple tricks to use in setting up a trap:

Planning a vacation
Start by planning a family vacation away from your apartment or a hotel complex, and keep a keen eye on your spouse. This vacation should ensure that you have enough time to spend an entire day together. If your partner squirms and keeps staring at the phone or steps out to receive a phone call consistently, then it is clear that you are being cheated on. You can now set the trap by borrowing the phone while making any excuse like “my phone has run out of credit and I have an urgent call to make”, or “my battery is low and I want to call the office”. Step out to make the call, and take your time to go through the call log or the inbox, and you will have all the evidence you need to confront a cheating spouse.

Monitoring your credit card bills
This method is effective with spouses that are fond of finding excuses to stay out late in the pretext of having some extra job at the office, or catching up with friends, when actually they are having fun with their side dishes. Furthermore, many of the cheating spouses will tend to have their intimate moments in restaurants or hotels near their homes, and if they happen to use their credit cards to make payments, then all the evidence you need will be in the credit card. Remember to take note of all the unusual charges, and confront him or her. If the charges clearly indicate a hired room, then your spouse will have no excuse out.

Lastly, learn to trust your instincts. If you have a strong feeling about being cheated on, then your intuitions might be true. Don’t ignore the feelings, but before you make any confrontation attempt, you will have to first establish a concrete proof to back you up.

Partners delete incoming call lists, cellphone history, password-protect their computers, and setup private bank accounts that are impossible to track. They may disappear overnight or for several days, with no trace of where they have been or a viable explanation.

For some people, the cheating partner almost seems invincible, waving their infidelity in the face of their partner, smug in their successful efforts in destroying and eliminating all damning evidence.
At this level it can almost become a power game, and for those people left struggling to make sense of what has happened, the infidelity is now only one part of a long chain of humiliations. Without sufficient proof, the cheating partner continues their behavior, defying anyone to prove otherwise.
But in looking at this, is there any hope?
What do these people need to do to find the proof they need that their partner is cheating?
How does a partner in need bring this to some sort of closure.

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In conclusion, watch out for any unusual behavior with your spouse, and resolve it as fast as possible before it amounts to a bigger issue that might lead to cheating.

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